Your Steering and suspension are probably two of the most important systems in your vehicle. Most people think that the steering system is pretty simple and easy to understand. Modem steering systems are very complex and advanced mechanisms.If you start hearing squeaking or clunking from under your vehicle or maybe experiencing a bumpy ride on a flat road, or the car starts vibrating at high speeds understand that it's time to get the suspension looked at and checked.

Coogee Auto is Your Suspension Specialists

Every car has front and a rear suspension. Each suspension includes shock absorbers and springs. No matter what type of car you drive, our trained steering and suspension technicians will access, advice and repair anything your vehicle needs. Even though there are many different types of springs available these days the most usual types are Coil, Leaf, Air and Torsion bars. The Rear Springs do most of the work and are the key elements your car on the road. While the road conditions change your suspension springs compress and rebound thus providing you a more comfortable ride.

CV Joint and Boot Service

Each vehicle has a so called Constant Velocity (CV) axle which consists of two Constant Velocity joints. The main task of this CV axle is to transfer the torque from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle. While working your car engine produces a lot of energy and the special mechanism is needed to deliver all this torque to your car's wheels. CV joints allow all the power to be transferred very smoothly. When the CV joint rubber boot is cracked it can no longer protect the CV joints from dirt and moisture. This causes the joints to fail and stop working. Dirt gets into the unit which increases the wear of its parts. If you start to hear a clicking noise this usually means that there is a crack in your boot. If you are experiencing a rough or hard ride it might be because your car is in need of having something fixed or replaced within your suspension system. If this is the case, please call us and make a booking or come in for a free quote.

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