Fuel injection is the system for admitting fuel into the internal combustion engine. There are many benefits of a fuel-injected car including smoother and more dependable engine response during quick throttle changes, easier and more reliable engine starting, better operation at extremely high or low ambient temperatures, increased maintenance intervals, and increased fuel efficiency.

Is Your Car Loosing Power?

With time carbon deposits build up on engine valves. The accumulation of carbon can cause an extreme drop in performance and fuel economy. If your car does not have the power or fuel economy as before, a Fuel Injection Service may be needed.

There is only one proven way to clean the fuel and intake systems, catalytic converter, combustion chambers, and engine valves is to perform an extensive Fuel Injection Service. At Coogee Auto we have highly qualified and skilled technicians who are trained to carry out this service with the right equipment.

Can Fuel Additives Fix my Cars Loss Of Power?

Fuel additives are largely ineffective because they only target one component the fuel injectors and are not concentrated enough to clean away stubborn carbon build up. They actually do very little to address the other areas that are arguably more important than the fuel injectors. If you do experience any improvements they are only temporary and will result in you spending unnecessary money without actually fixing your cars problem.

Fuel System Warning Signs:

  • Your vehicle is operating at reduced performance
  • Your vehicle accomplishing poor gas mileage
  • Your vehicle may start to experience trouble starting

At Coogee Auto we recommend performing a fuel injection service every 25,000km.

If your vehicle is used mostly for city driving and if you do a lot of "stop and go" driving, then please think about having this service done every 10,000 km. After the fuel injection service is carried out on your vehicle you will definitely feel the difference in performance and watch your fuel costs decrease.

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